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Cute but creepy closed species!


Basic Rules

  • You Do not need a Necrobie to join the group! Join request are automatically accepted!
  • This group is for Necrobies ONLY! Your submission must contain at least one Necrobie!
  • Please do not advertise on the front page! Below should be links to anything you need!
  • Please do not Harass other members! If you feel like you are being harassed let us know!

Obtaining a Necrobie

How do I get a Necrobie?

  • You can buy monthly adopts or catch a MYO sale! MYO= Make Your Own!
  • In addition you can also enter raffles an DTA's!
  • We also try to have a small FTO (First Time Owner) set every few months
  • You can also check out our Trade/Resell center listed above!

Lovely chibi by the amazing whisperwishs!

Our Admin Team!

Here are our lovely Admins/mods, they are here to meet all your needs! Please feel free to ask us for anything~!

Our Chat Moderators!

These amazing people help us keep our discord chat nice and happy, and, are just wonderful in general~!

Reminder that there is 8 days left to enter this raffle! AND 3 MYO TICKETS WILL BE RAFFLED OUT NOW AS WELL! 

4 deviants said Everyone has a chance for both the MYO tickets and the bie!! <3
3 deviants said [Necrobies] Under The Sea RAFFLE! CLOSED by MAJIKK-U
1 deviant said There are lots of lovely art pieces of her so far for the winner!
No deviants said You can enter once with just a poll/status/or journal! And get extra entries if you draw her <3


Necrobie News!

Monthly Prompt
Necrobie Prompt Card: June- Wedding Bells! by ROKK-U
"Sunday Best"
Draw your necrobie in the fanciest of clothes!

You have till the end of the month to submit A prompt image!
:star:News Bulletin:star:

:bulletgreen: New Set Coming soon!!:bulletgreen:
Mini Pixel Newspaper by LuckyBambooPhotos

Necrobie Of the Month: June

Necrobie Of The Month!

June's Necrobie Of The Month is Holly! Owned by AnimeEmm !

Woke has been a joyful memeber of our community from way back when! We fondly remember both of her first MYO desings. Woke has many great ideas and lovely art, is always a bustling memeber of the community and a joy to see all over the place! Shes more then earned the position of NOTM! <3
Did you know all Necrobie of the Month winners get A cuddlebug MYO ticket? If you want to be NOTM participate in our Monthly Prompts posted on the 1st of each month!

Featured Mascot Art: Putt125


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