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Cute but creepy closed species!

Necrobie of the Month: November

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 14, 2017, 10:09 AM
The Hallows Eve air has cleared and fills us with the nostalgia of the holiday season... warmth and love from the ones who love us the most fills the air this month and from it rises a kind smile and a yell that leaves Poseidon trembling beneath the waves...

Owned by Blue-1P

This Necrobie Owner has showed their love for not only their own Necrobies but for others Necrobies with their insane support, love and kindness to other Necrobies shown both this November and October! :heart:

Not only are Blue and Argos a huge part of the community itself, but Blue goes above and beyond to help and aid others whenever they might need!

He works to make people happy, is an active member of our community and really helped alot of people get their dream Necrobies this month! He's not only reliable but he truly does all he can to put a smile on everyone's face, just like his star: Argos!
Great Job and Thank you, Blue! Keep it up!


How to get Necrobie Of The month??

Participation in either the community or the monthly prompt!
Every month there will be a prompt and all participants will automatically be considered for the position of NOM!!

Follow the rules of the prompt and show your love for the species and you too will be considered for the Necrobie of the Month for next month!!

The Winner every month will receive gift art like above for their Necrobie that was chosen!
For the time being The people who choose the Necrobie of the month will be MAJIKK-U and ROKK-U and we might open up the possibility for voting later on!! <3

If you have any questions please let us know!!

Skin by UszatyArbuz

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